Worried about Information Security and Privacy?

If your IT team spends more and more, but you feel less and less secure…

If your attorneys keep warning you about new Data Privacy laws and regulations…

If your auditors are writing qualified opinions about your Information Security and Data Privacy…

Engaged Impact can help.

We are Keeping Information Security Simple.

Chris Shull is the Founder & President of Engaged Impact and has an uncommon ability to make complex technical, business and legal topics understandable, bridging the gaps between the risk management needs of business leaders, the architectural and operational solutions of information technologists, and the legal and compliance needs of attorneys.

The results are Information Risk Management Programs that prioritize well-considered and appropriate activities and measured steps addressing Information Security and Data Privacy risks.

With over 30 years experience dealing with Information Security and Privacy, Chris has helped many companies develop and implement Information Security and Data Privacy policies, procedures and technologies, right-sizing them for the organization, making sure they are as brief, clear, do-able and resilient as possible.

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